11.11.2014: Melting the Darkness, Miranda Cuckson's new recording of works for solo violin involving electronics and microtones by Xenakis, Georg Friedrich Haas, Oscar Bianchi, Chris Burns, Ileana Perez-Velazquez, Robert Rowe, and myself is now available here in CD form, as well as for digital download

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A Blu-Ray version, featuring 5.1 surround versions of the CD tracks will be officially released in Winter 2015. 


le jardin des supplices will be performed by at the 2015 New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival at the Abrons Art Center in June 2015. 

Future Creatures and detritus II will be presented on the 2015 Poznan Spring Festival of Contemporary Music on 24 March 2015. 

fcremaperc was performed by Eric Derr at Spectrum (NYC) on 11 February 2015.  Here is the recording. Here is the score. 

bloat was premiered by Duo Harpverk in Reykjavik on 06 February 2015 at Asmundarsafn

Future Creatures was screened on 30 January 2015 on ISCM New Music Miami at the Florida International University Wertheimer Performing Arts Center Concert Hall. 

fcremapno was premiered by Frederik Croene at PostX, Merelbeke, Belgium on 18 December 2014. Here is the recording. 

fcremaperc was premiered by Eric Derr at McGill University (Montreal) on 05 December 2014. It will be performed again on the Fresh Sound Music Series in San Diego on 20 March 2015. 

réflex_postlude and the 5.1 surround version of VURTRUVURT were presented on the Miranda Cuckson Melting the Darkness CD launch event at Spectrum  (NYC) on 12 November 2014. 

down the bottle was performed by Matteo Cesari in Daegu, Korea on 21 October 2014. 

Future Creatures was presented on the Tulane University Sonic Event Listening Room concert on 05 October 2014

epiglottis was performed by the Paxos Ensemble on the 2014 ICMC-SMC at the Onassis Cultural Centre Main Hall in Athens, Greece on 19 September 2014. Future Creatures was also presented during the conference. 


I was selected for a Musical Research Residency at IRCAM (Paris), undertaken since January 2013. During this residency, I have been completing alarm/will/sound, a site-specific installation project and series of (re)designed car alarm prototypes, in conjunction with the IRCAM Sound Perception and Design (PDS) team and German product designer/visual artist  Matthias Megyeri. Details here

Here is the video of a presentation given at IRCAM during the first phase of my residency. 

works in progress:

Minotaur, a performance installation for dance, live painting, video, and sound sculpture (with Erika Tsimbrovsky, choreographer, Vadim Puyandaev, visual artist, and Lucas Krech, video and lighting designer).

dlXsf for ensemble (to be premiered by Ensemble Modelo62 during their California tour in October 2015). 

© Alexander Sigman 2013